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Rural & Equestrian shed range

We have a wide range of purpose-built sheds

Our rural designs are created with the harsh Australian conditions in mind. Each shed construction is designed and purpose built to suit your needs. 

They are built to stand the test of time.

Our rural shed range includes:


To ensure you can train and practice in all-weather conditions, we can construct an indoor arena to suit the dimensions of a dressage arena, or larger to also fit in indoor jumping. We can also incorporate into your design- stables, tack sheds and carports to house your float or horse truck.

Wineries and Distilleries

Building a winery or distillery can be a unique design opportunity, as well as a challenging build. We will work with all onsite contractors to deliver a bespoke construction to suit any type of specialist winery or distillery structure.

General equipment and storage

Whether you require a hay shed, somewhere to park your tractor or farm equipment, store wood or protect your stock- we can design, manufacture and build the exact type of farm shed for your needs.

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What our clients have to say

The Shed Doctor managed the whole project, no hidden extras or surprises, everything was on one quote. They demolished our old asbestos clad shed, excavated the site, supplied and installed the new shed, did the concreting, arranged the electrician and plumber, even did the permits. The whole job was seamless and stress free, thanks Shed Doctor.

Michael A - Yarrambat

Farm Sheds Melbourne

Do you want to expand your Victorian farm? Improve your farming in Melbourne with Shed Doctor’s farm sheds in Melbourne.

Designed specifically to meet the demands of Melbourne farm owners, our farm sheds give you the extra space to store your equipment safely and keep everything organised. From storing your machinery to protecting your livestock feed, our...

Farm Sheds Victoria

A safe storage place for your hay in Melbourne is essential throughout all seasons. With our hay sheds in Melbourne, made from Bluescope Colorbond® steel, you can rest assured that your hay feed is protected from rain, hail, wind, and sunlight.

From the design, slabs, and the erection of your hay shed, we have it all covered. Whether you need to store a small amount or prepare for the winter with a large stockpile, we can build a hay shed you’re happy with.

Barns Melbourne

If you’re looking for a new way to store equipment, this is one way. At Shed Doctor, we recognise the importance of a solid barn structure in Melbourne's rural areas. Our barns in Melbourne can adapt to your evolving farming needs.

We design barns that can be used for livestock housing, storing farming equipment, and even as a workshop for your DIY projects. Whatever your goals, our barn consultants can help you design a customised barn that will be useful for years.

Hay Sheds Melbourne

We understand the unique shelter needs of your horses, and that's where our equestrian sheds in Melbourne come in. Our equestrian sheds are secure stables, providing a comfortable home for your horses.

Whether you need a shed for practice during inclement weather or a larger one for indoor jumping, we can customise your equestrian shed to fit your needs.

Why Choose Shed Doctor for Rural Sheds in Melbourne?

  • Australian-made: All our structures use Bluescope Colorbond® steel, known for its durability and resilience in all weather conditions.
  • Customised for you: We tailor our services to your needs, ensuring you get exactly what you require.
  • A Simple Process: We handle every aspect of the project, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers.
  • Variety of Designs: We have you covered whether you need a barn or an equestrian shed.
  • High-quality Service: Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry.

Start designing and planning your rural shed with Shed Doctor today. Contact us at 1300 743 337 to learn more about our services and explore our project gallery.

Equestrian Sheds Melbourne

If you're new to farming in Victoria, you might wonder why you need a rural shed or how to choose the right one.

Available in any size, equestrian sheds can be used as hay sheds, equipment storage, or stock shelters for your convenience!

At Shed Doctor, you will find everything you need for a purpose-built shed that works for your lifestyle.

Machinery Sheds Melbourne

Farming thrives on efficient machinery. At Shed Doctor, we understand how important machinery is to your farm's operation. We offer sturdy and secure machinery sheds that keep your tools safe from theft and harsh weather conditions, extending their shelf life.

You can also build a winery or distillery, a design opportunity to be noticed. Whatever your plans may be for your farm, our onsite contractors always deliver.

Contact Shed Doctor at 1300 743 337 for a free quote for a durable, rugged, Australian-made shed that meets your farming needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rural Sheds in Melbourne

Why should I choose Shed Doctor for rural sheds in Melbourne?

Shed Doctor understands that Melbourne's rural shed needs are unique and diverse. They offer Australian-made farm sheds in Melbourne featuring durable Bluescope Colorbond® steel construction. Additionally, their high-quality service sets them apart in the industry.

Can Shed Doctor customise farm sheds in Victoria to my farm needs?

Absolutely, Shed Doctor prides itself on designing sheds tailored to meet your individual needs. They provide a variety of designs, whether you need the space for your hay, livestock, machinery or horses.

I am new to farming in Victoria. Do I need a rural shed?

Farm sheds are an essential part of farming operations in Victoria. They provide extra storage space for your farming equipment, offer protection for hay from the elements and provide shelter for your livestock.

Apart from farm sheds, what other types of sheds does Shed Doctor offer in Melbourne?

Shed Doctor offers a range of sheds in Melbourne, from hay sheds and barns to machinery and equestrian sheds. All are designed with unique needs, providing a solution for every aspect of your farming operation.

Can Shed Doctor build machinery sheds in Melbourne?

Shed Doctor builds sturdy and secure machinery sheds in Melbourne. These sheds are designed to keep your tools safe from theft and protect them from harsh weather conditions, extending their lifespan.