A bit About

Shed Doctor has you covered

We have built our reputation on high quality sheds

The business has been in operation since 2006 and harnesses three generations of steel fabrication and building experience. The business has continued to grow and evolve over time and in 2011 we became known as the Shed Doctor. This came about from the trust we gained from getting to the core of what a shed is going to be used for, and then building it. We were frequently called in to fix problems and we started to be known as the Doctor and… the name stuck.

These days there isn’t a shed that we haven’t built, and we deal with a vast range of shed fabricators - so we always know the right shed for the job.

Shed Doctor has been built on providing excellent customer service and we thrive on creating the perfect shed. Each shed that is installed is manufactured with Australian steel and is built to last.

Shed Doctor supplies three core categories along with our custom range expertise.

Our custom range gives everyone the opportunity to find the shed that fits their needs, instead of finding a shed that may work from the catalogue. We can provide more than just the standard shed - we can supply - any size, anywhere and finished to your specific needs.

The difference with Shed Doctor, is we can offer a full turnkey solution. We source all the trades that are needed to build and fit your shed, including the coordination of permits and engineering as required and right through to the slab, plumbing and wiring. Our sheds are made from Bluescope Colorbond® steel and are all fabricated in Australia. From the ground up, each shed is made to last - no exceptions.