Shed Doctor will repair replace or rebuild your shed

Repair, replace or rebuild your shed construction

We will assess the best solution for you

If your shed isn’t working as it should, we will come and assess your current construction and find the best solution for your needs.

Deciding what to do with your current shed can be a difficult decision.  We work with you and step you through the choices available. By understanding the different options, you can then make the right call for your needs and budget.

There are several indicators that will guide us to what would be the best solution for your situation. We will assess:

  • The age of the shed
  • The original materials used to build the shed 
  • Can we practically replace the parts that need replacing? 
  • If the roof is leaking- is it extensive or localized?
  • What is the present use of the shed- does the current structure still work?

We will go through our extensive checklist with you- as this will guide us to the best choice for you. 


If the best solution for you is to repair your current shed- we will source all parts and install them to bring life back to your shed.


Your shed may not be worth saving, if this is your situation, we will be able to demolish and remove your current structure, including all asbestos/ concrete (if required) and rubbish. With a clean slate, we can design, manufacture and build a new shed for you.

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